About Me

Hello world! My name is Brian Park (he/him/his), and I am a Computer Science Master's Student at College of Engineering, North Carolina State University. I am advised under Xipeng Shen and associated with PICTure Research Group/NCSU Systems Lab. I will be joining fulltime as a Machine Learning Compiler Engineer.

After being an undergraduate student in Berkeley for over a year, I was highly influenced by the huge wave of computer science students and Bay Area tech companies. So I fast tracked my CS curriculum in two semesters. I enjoy the limitless possibilities with software. Growing up from Charlotte, North Carolina, I don't think I would have ever transitioned into tech without studying and experiencing life in the Bay Area.

I am mainly interested in software engineering, machine learning, systems, compilers, computer architecture, and high performance computing. Passionate about accelerating machine learning. During my time at UC Berkeley, I have been part of RISELab/Sky Computing, where I worked on the NumS Project!

Fiat Lux.

LinkedIn or email is the best way to reach me!